The Muse that came from out of nowhere...


I know I haven't paid any attention to this thing in a while. Life gets carried away and the next thing you know bam! you are 600 miles from where you started and having to work your ass off just to keep everyone from drowning. So, that's what happened to me. We moved, i got into just working mode, and everything else just went to the side.

I am trying to rectify this..

BUT! I digest...

There is this really really awesome person online that I started chatting with via the Twitter and all of a sudden, I'm back to where I was. Not like 5 years ago or 10 years ago but from all the way back 15 years ago. My brain is rampant with Ideas! It started with just wanting to draw again, then I got music stuck in my head too, and some ideas for cars...so I completely blame this muse! It is all her fault! and her nekkid pickle weasel. So, Keep an eye out... there will be stuff here soon as I can get it done up and posted!

(Thanks, J.C. - you have inspired me to do this! BTW you can see her work here:  www.theanimatedwoman.com
and be prepared! It may just completely rock your boxers clean off!)

On that note, here is my first attempt at something in over a decade. thats right... I haven't drawn a thing except simple diagrams at the parts house in 10 years...



  1. It's all Pickle Weasel's fault!!!


    Oh so cool, I'm glad you're inspired. That fiery skull looks like a mean tattoo.

    It's important to be all you can be in life =]

  2. I don't know so much about mean, but it would probably hurt like all get out. lol. Thank you :D

  3. Great drawing man! I've never had the artistic gift, but that looks pretty cool! I agree with JC, be a really cool tattoo.